El Salvador El Cedro

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Roasted coffee beans

Origin: El Salvador

Region: El Tùnel, Chalatenango

Producer: El Cedro

Variety: Pacamara

Altitude: 1,350 mt.

Method: Honey

Notes: Cinnamon, plum, chocolate, apple pie, berries

250 g. pack

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Known as “the land of volcanoes”, El Salvador is the smallest Central American country (roughly the same size as New Jersey), but its reputation among the regions that cultivate coffee specialties has grown a lot, especially since the early 2000s Our specialty comes from the El Tùnel region, from the producer José Angelino Landaverde.

Working process

Once the coffee is collected and immediately stripped, Josè Angelino Landaverde makes it ferment in tanks for 14 hours, washing it afterwards and placing it in relief on the beds or on the terraces to dry for 10-15 days. The coffee is rotated every 15 minutes for the first few days until it becomes more stable to moisture, and every 30 minutes for the duration of the drying period.

The advice of our expert

El Salvador El Cedro, from the Sca Cupping Score of 88.75, is a specialty coffee that achieves maximum filtering performance with the V60 and Pour Over methods.

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