El Salvador Nueva Esperanza – Finca San Andres


Roasted coffee beans

Origin: El Salvador

Region: La Hondurita – El Tunel – Chalatenango

Cultivar: Pacamara

Altitude: 1750 mt.

Processing: Honey

Notes: Chocolate, Toffee, Lime, Berry and Ripe Fruit Flavors

Bag 250 g.

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José Francisco Recinos grows both Pacas and Pacamara on his 2-manzana farm. Once the coffee is picked and depulped, it is placed in sacks to ferment for 14–18 hours before being laid out on raised beds for 15–20 days.

The advice of our expert

Ideal preparation in Aeropress with a filter grinding with 20 grams of coffee for 200 ml of water. In this will express everything himself in a wonderful acidity and incredible flavours

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