Ethiopia Beriti Tore


Roasted coffee beans

Origin: Ethiopia

Region: Beriti, Tore, Yirgacheffe

Variety: Heirloom

Manufacturer: Beriti Washing Station

Altitude: 1,770 mt.

Method: Natural

Notes: Chocolate, red fruits, cherry, vanilla

250 g pack

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This coffee comes from the Beriti wash station, located in the kebele (or village) of Tore, in the Yirgacheffe region. There are about 600 producers in the region who are served by the Beriti Washing Station, many of which own less than 1 hectare of agricultural land on which they typically grow other crops such as bananas and corn. The washing station was founded in 2000 and produces both natural and washed lots. The producers deliver the coffee in the form of cherries and will be ordered from there and prepared for processing.

Natural process

Natural coffees are dried on raised beds: the process takes about 8-20 days, depending on sun exposure and temperature. Until recently, coffee grown by smallholders and cooperatives in Ethiopia had to be sold through ECX, where the lots were classified by general region, quality (grade 1-5) and had escaped most of their traceability . In March 2017, the Prime Minister of Ethiopia approved a reform that allows cooperative washing stations to directly export coffee and the separation of the best coffees, as well as higher prices for farmers and greater recognition for the best quality coffee in Ethiopia.

The advice of our expert

Clever is the recommended extraction method with 16 gr. of ground coffee around 800 microns (or with a sieve, type Kruve) with water temperature of 91 ° and infusion time around 3 and a half minutes. This method enhances the hints of this coffee, which has reached the Sca of 86 score.

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