Colombia Laderas Del Tapias


Roasted coffee beans

Origin: Colombia

Region: Tapias

Variety: Gesha

Altitude: 1,930 meters

Method: Natural 

Notes: Mandarin, Banana, Pineapple, Tea Black at the end

250 g pack

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Colombia Gesha Laderas Del Tapias is the coffee selected together with Marco Poidomani for the Coffee In Good Spirits World Cup in Berlin. This variety is cultivated by Rodrigo Alberto Peláez on the same farm that rises to 1,930 meters, located in the region of the walls, in the department of Caldas, in Colombia. The reference is also to the Tapias river, which rises to 3,500 meters and crosses all the coffee fields of Laderas del Tapias, which arose about 40 years ago, being the first specialty coffee in the country. Rodrigo Alberto Peláez has been a coffee farmer for 18 years and has developed sophisticated systems, using technology to monitor the quality of coffee and record sensory and physical information about his crops using a database called Tastyfy.

Working process

The process is very well defined and helps to remove unwanted organic matter and bacteria. In fact, only ripe cherries are selected, subsequently placed in an aquarium, while the less dense, immature or “defective” ones float and are discarded. Afterwards the cherries are placed in closed tanks to start a 12-hour fermentation, then they pass on a large table where a group of women selects the best. Once the process is complete, the cherries are placed in the drying machines for 80 hours at 38 ° C, until the moisture content reaches 11%. Finally, the dried cherries are packaged in bags and sent to the dry decortication department.

Expert’s advice

To exalt these coffee notes in the best way, a double espresso of 18 in 36 out is recommended. A pleasant Competition Coffee, to be enjoyed in espresso, with a Sca score of 89.25.

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